How Much Do Empty Leg Flights Cost?

– With major savings, sometimes up to 75% off of a regular charter flight. Everyone is asking – How much do empty leg flights cost? –

Before booking, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. So, whether you’re looking for some time off with your family, or an important business trip this can serve as your quick guide.

Empty Legs Defined:

Over the years, charter flights have changed. People are more likely to book a one-way private jet than ever before. A client might fly from Hong Kong to Thailand on Monday in a Gulfstream G450 and not have a return flight booked on that same aircraft. This means that the G450, which is normally based in Hong Kong would be empty (except for the crew) on the flight back to base. These situations are called “empty legs.” As you can guess, it is much cheaper to book a private jet that already has to fly back to base.

But the question still remains: How much do empty leg flights cost?

This is a bit harder to pin down. There are many variables when calculating the total costs for any flight, including an empty leg. What I will do is give a walkthrough of each factor that will help you in your search for booking your empty leg charter flight.

Aircraft Type

One of the most importing elements has to do with the aircraft type. Taking the example from earlier, if it’s a Gulfstream G450, there will be a certain base cost and pricing associated with that level of a private jet. Since there are many different manufacturers and aircraft sizes, you could refer to our portfolio and charter resource if you’d like a quick view of each aircraft. You’ll be able to see all details necessary to make a decision on whether a light jet, heavy jet, VIP airliner, or maybe even a helicopter is right for you.


Ideally, everyone could find the most cost effective method when travelling in luxury. In concern to empty leg flights, that would mean your itinerary matches closely to the home base of the aircraft that you decide to charter. In the case of the Gulfstream G450 example that we’ve been using, this would mean that you fly out from Thailand and your final destination is Hong Kong.

This is pretty straight forward, but one element people often don’t realize is what The ASA Group can do to help. We’ve been in Asia since 1999. We have the connections, ability, and experience to help you find the best option for your itinerary. Not only can we save you time, we will tailor each element around your specific requirements.


Empty legs are not always available. Many times operators don’t wait to fill their aircraft because they have another customer lined up. For that reason, it’s important to enquire before it’s filled, or the opportunity passes. Although every flight plan isn’t possible when it comes to empty legs. We still recommend getting in contact with us and we will do our best to work it out for you.


How much do empty leg flights cost? That all depends on aircraft type, your itinerary, and speed. Realistically, no private jet charter can be categorized as “cheap,” and it shouldn’t be. Private charters are for people who value time, comfort, and convenience. But hopefully after this walkthrough, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy those benefits in the most cost-effective way possible.

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