Hong Kong Business Aviation – How to Apply for Slots and Landing Permits



The Hong Kong International Airport, which opened in 1998, has in recent years been one of the most challenging places for Business Jet Owners and Aircraft Operators to operate. Official figures show that the number of private jet movements has fallen by almost 25 percent in August 2016, as compared with the same period in 2015.

Here is what you need to know when operating into VHHH, one of the busiest airports in the world.

Slots and Parking Application Process

  • Requirements for confirmation of landing permits, slots, parking and ground handling must always be a top priority when operating a business aircraft into VHHH.
  • It is necessary to first ensure that all relevant documents required for applying for the landing permit are in place. The application process can take up to 3 working days. If all documentation have been submitted without any issues, it may be approved within a few hours. The permit is then valid for a +/- 72 hour period.
  • It is recommended that Landing Permit requests be submitted two weeks prior to the day of operation, especially if you are operating for the first time to VHHH. Documentation required includes:
    • Part 91 Private flights – Certificates of Registration, Airworthiness, Noise, and Insurance.
    • Part 135 Charter flights – Certificates of Registration, Airworthiness, Noise, Insurance as well as the Aerodrome Operating Minima and Operational Specification documents filled out with the name and address of the charterer and signed by Captain.
  • As it is necessary to work closely with the various Airport Authority offices throughout the whole process, it is good to be aware operating hours: Monday to Friday, 0100Z/0900LT to 1000Z/1800LT, the offices are closed on weekends and public holidays.
  • Parking applications made before 0800 UTC M-F will be processed within the same day, after that they will be processed the next working day.
  • There are approximately 70 parking bays for General and Business Aviation flights. Maximum parking allowed is 14 days, which is dependent on the arrival and departure slots obtained.

  • Parking applications: Effective 1 July 2017 Hong Kong local time, the service level of processing BAPS applications will be revised as the following schedule:

  • BAPS applications submitted (UTC)
  • On or before 0400Z
  • On or before 0700Z
  • On or before 1200Z
  • AFter 1200Z and before 0100Z next day
  • BAPS applications responded by (UTC)
  • 0500Z
  • 0800Z
  • 1400Z
  • 0200Z next day
  • There are approximately 70 parking bays for Gerneral and Business Aviation flights. Maximum parking allowed is 14 days, which is dependent on the arrival and departure slots, obtained.

New Slot and Parking System

  • To help ease the parking and slot oversaturation, the Civil Aviation Department, and the Hong Kong Airport Authorities designed a joint application system in September 2016, to meet demand from Aircraft Operators and to ensure that runway slots were fully utilized, as well as to reduce the number of misused slots and parking.
  • Only registered users have access to the new slot and parking system and applications can be submitted starting 14 days prior to the flight schedule. The arrival slot is valid for +/- 15 minutes of the obtained times. With the approved arrival slot and approval numbers, parking can then be requested.
  • There are approximately 20 – 25 runway slots for General and Business Aviation flights daily, from 2300 – 1359 UTC.
  • Night slots have recently increased from 5 to 7 slots per night for a trial period. With immediate effect, Gulfstream G650s will be allowed to operate during the nighttime period (1400 – 2259 UTC) for both departures and arrivals to Hong Kong – VHHH.
  • The General and Business Aviation parking system administrated by the Airport Authority is being upgraded and due to be completed in June 2017. Under the new parking system, users will be able to amend the arrival slot time and split the schedule into two with secured slots.
  • Please Note that parking and slot approval are aircraft registration specific. Changes to aircraft registration and slot time are not allowed, once they are conditionally approved or officially approved. Any changes, except for departure slot time, requires cancellation and then must be reapplied for. The official announcement for the tail specific penalty scheme is expected to be released by the end of August 2017.

Requirements on Aircraft Disinfection – Zika Virus

  • It is now also required that all aircraft arriving into Hong Kong from affected areas of Zika Virus Infection, are to conduct aircraft disinfection. According to this new requirement which started from April 26 2017, flights coming from Zika-affected areas, are countries or areas in Category 1 or 2 classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) that are considered to have ongoing Zika virus transmission. Airlines and aircraft operators are required to provide the Port Health Office (PHO) with a declaration of aircraft disinfection as well as flight details and information on disinfection practices. The PHO will request operators practicing regular disinfection to provide documentary proof and/or empty insecticide cans. As for aircraft without proof of disinfection, the PHO will require the operators from those areas to carry out on arrival disinfection. The WHO’s classification table of Zika-affected areas has been uploaded to the Center for Health Protection web page for easy reference.

Completion of the Three-Runway System in 2022

  • The construction of the three-runway system (3RS) at VHHH which kicked off on 1 August 2016, is expected to be completed in 2022. We are expecting to see 57 new parking slots upon its completion.

New GA/BA Slot and Parking Application Procedureshong-kong-business-aviation-asa-group

All Information last updated July 5, 2017.

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