Executive Jet Charter – 5 Common Questions Answered

When it comes to executive jet charter, especially if it is for the first time, knowing what to expect and what to look for will save you time and money during the process. We will give those new to chartering private jets a few tips in choosing your aircraft, certifications, and safety. Therefore, we hope that this serves as a guide for individuals who want to experience the benefits of flying private for the first time.

Executive Jet Charter


1. What is the best way to find a reliable aircraft charter broker?

There are many aircraft charter brokers listed on the internet so choosing the right one can be daunting. When considering which one to approach it is worthwhile considering which brokers hold recognized accreditation from the industry’s leading safety auditors such as Wyvern and ARGUS.

2. What is the best aircraft for me and what will it cost?

The answers to questions are dependent on the route, duration of the flight, and the number of passengers onboard. At The ASA Group, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to advising clients on the most suitable aircraft. Furthermore, we will always provide you with at least three solutions to your requirements and be on hand 24/7 to answer your questions arising from our solutions.

Another consideration with costs is flexibility. One major advantage of chartering a private jet or private aircraft is that you can visit several cities in one day. This is because you do not have to wait in long lines or to see if you can book flights that fit your schedule. Since you are in charge of the aircraft you have the possibility to revisit a city the same day to sign a business contract if necessary. In effect, a chartered aircraft gives your business more productivity than flying scheduled airlines. Business aviation opens up possibilities, for example, visiting four cities in one working day.

While it is hard to commit to a standardized cost from one place to another, what we suggest is that if you are seriously considering it, send a request. After knowing your specifications, you should not have to wait long until you have a general idea of what to expect.

3. Private Jets, Where can I go?

Once again, a privately chartered aircraft offers a flexibility that commercial or scheduled airlines cannot. A private aircraft can access airports that scheduled airlines are not able to operate from, allowing you more choice of airports, quicker access through customs and immigration procedures. It also takes away the need to check in 2 hours before your flight. On the contrary, with a private aircraft, check-in may commence 30 minutes before departure through private terminals.

4. How much prior notice do I need to give when booking a private aircraft?

The more notice you can give the more choice of available aircraft at more competitive prices. It is also important to keep in mind that different parts of the world have different time parameters. Generally, in Europe, we can provide an aircraft ready to depart within two hours of contracts being exchanged subject to all permits being approved by the relevant Aviation authorities. In Asia, the timeframe for the approval of landing and departing may take up to a couple of days. Of course, at times we at The ASA Group can make last minute requests happen, but it is important to know what to expect.

If for example, you want an aircraft in Hong Kong, you would be hard pressed to get it in 2 hours. Ascertaining a slot in 2 hours would be tough. Singapore, still in the Asia Pacific, would be easier, but you would also have to factor in whether the flight would be domestic or international.

There is a reason why Europe is less complicated when booking a private jet. Europe relies on one air traffic control system. EUROCONTROL administers all traffic control systems across Europe. It is called the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU), this governs the flow of traffic across Europe. From this, they control air traffic, thus avoiding congestion.

5. Is chartering a private aircraft a safe form of travel?

We at The ASA Group constantly audit of our suppliers’ documentation to ensure that they meet all safety standards, including our policy that two pilots man all aircraft. Once we have all documents available and checked, we then release the aircraft to our client, we always ask ourselves would we fly in this plane? There is nothing more paramount than the safety of our clients.

Taking a less company specific stance, private aircraft that are credited and certified adhere to the same safety standards as commercial airlines. That is to say that business aviation is just as safe if not safer than what you can expect with commercial flights.

Executive Jet Charter – Closing thoughts

We do hope that you gained some insights into what it takes to get the most out of executive jet charter and the benefits that can be found when using a private jet. We did not have time to cover empty leg flights, or what to do if you need executive protection. But we will continue to lend helpful information to those interested in business aviation and security. For questions and requests, please reach out to charter@asag.aero for all your charter needs.